Wildlife Fruit Tree Orchard – Basic 8 Tree Package


Our staff is very experienced in planting wildlife fruit tree packages. Our experimental property has over 70 fruit trees planted on approximately 100 acres in Middle Tennessee. We have put together this package to provide a variety of fruit trees favored by deer and turkey that will produce during the hunting season. Many of the fruit trees sold as wildlife trees do not fruit in the fall. Deer need carbohydrates during the fall and fruit is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Deer still need and seek out protein in the fall also. We include one honey locust. There are lots of varieties of honey locust trees but only a very few put out pods in large quantities. These pods drop in December. This along with one of the pears provides food late into the year and even early January. This package includes mostly bare root 5′-8′ tall trees:

  • 3 pears with different maturing dates from early September to Christmas
  • A late season plum (buy more than one package and we will give you 2 different varieties)
  • Tiger Jujube – We believe this is one of the best if not the best of the jujubes (Chinese Date)
  • Crabapple – Several varieties are available if you buy more than one orchard package
  • Japanese Persimmon – Again we have several varieties available if you buy mulitiple orchards
  • Honey Locust
  • Cost of 8 tree package as noted above (Most Popular Package) – $550 FOB in Middle Tennessee
  • Cost of 6 tree package eliminating JuJube & Honey Locust – $450 FOB in Middle Tennessee
  • Cost of 10 tree package adding 2 apple trees to 8 tree package – $650 FOB in Middle Tennessee
  • Cost of 10 tree Premium Package – All trees either in Pots or root balls – $750 FOB Middle Tennessee
  • Cost of shipping only added when not picked up in Middle Tennessee

We can custom order almost all varieties and sizes. Much more is available including pecans and chestnut varieties.