Roundup Ready Corn & Eagle Soybeans

Eagle Soybeans

52 lbs

Plants 1 Acre

Roundup Ready

Roundup Ready Corn

Plants 1 Acres

Eagle Soybeans – A Roundup Ready Forage Soybean

Eagle Soybeans have been developed as forage soybeans (not agriculture seed emphasis) specifically for deer and elk. These soybeans persist much more than agricultural soybeans under heavy browse situations. A Monsanto certification is needed to buy this product. This is a great product to add to a summer annual rotation including Forage Tech Premium Summer Mix, Burgundy Bean Mix and Eagle Soybeans. Roundup can be applied to the Eagle Soybeans when the soybeans are about 4″-8″ high. These soybeans can be used either in rotation or specifically in fields that have weed problems.

50 lbs – Plants 1 Acre – $79.95

Roundup Ready Corn

Roundup Ready Corn is an excellent crop for use in rotations where extra weed control is needed. Corn is best grown on well drained sites and on productive bottom soils. Roundup and an application of nitrogen can be applied when the corn is about 6″ tall. Monsanto certification is needed to buy this product. We must have a copy on file to sell to anyone.

50 lbs – Plants 3 Acres – $249.50
16.67 lbs – $87.95 is the link to obtain Roundup Certification. We must have your certificate on file in order to sell Roundup Ready products to you. Copy and paste the link in your browser.