ATV & Spreader Equipment for Food Plot Planting

1. Kunz Engineering Cultipacker – A heavy duty cultipacker that can be pulled by tractor or ATV. Connect loosely with C connection to your tractor or ATV to allow unit to roll with land. For ATV it should at least reach the inside width of the tires as ATV tires do an excellent job of cultipacking. Go to the outside width of your tractor tires. 48″ model – $795.00 plus exact cost of drop delivery to you 72″ model – $1045.00 plus exact cost of drop delivery to you Wheel kit – $110.00 (allows unit to be flipped over for towing from area to area)

2. Kunz Engineering Rough Cut Mowers – Can be pulled by tractor or ATV. Mows 2″-8″ height by quick adjustment. Great for mowing food plots and trails. Will mow straight behind your ATV or Tractor or can mow offset. We believe that this is by far the best made mower on the market. 44″ Cut – Model MR44B – $3645.00 plus cost of shipping to you. Battery is $64.36. Dealer prep not charged ($50 value) 57″ Cut – Model MR55B – $3745.00 plus cost of shipping to you. 19 HP. Battery and Dealer prep same as above.

3. Kunz Engineering Model 543 – 43″ chisel plow pulls with ATV/UTV. Use sand bags. $2295 plus shipping to you.

4. Earthway Model 2750 – Over the shoulder broadcast seeder. Perfect for seeding food plots. Can seed an acre in about 10 minutes. $47.95 plus shipping to you.

5. Earthway Model 2170 Walk Behind Broadcast Spreader – 100 lb capacity. Commerial quality. $229.95 plus shipping.

6. Earthway Model 2050TP Tow Broadcast Spreader – 80 lb capacity. Pull with ATV or tractor. $89.95 plus shipping.

7. Earthway Model M20 12Volt Broadcast Spreader. 80 lb capacity. Wiring harness with on/off switch. Mounts to ATV. $208.95 plus shipping to you.