ForageTech Burgundy Bean Seed Mix

Forage Tech Burgundy Bean Seed Mix

Plants One Acre

Hardy Warm Season Nutrition Food Plot for DEER/ELK

See Reverse For Use Instructions

Net Weight – 5 lbs


Burgundy Beans are highly palatable and high in protein, sometimes reaching 20% or more. This is a perennial bean that should last 2-3 years and possibly longer. To last longer, the bean must mature and drop its seed. Deer feed on this bean so heavily that this will not always happen. The bean will die back at frost but will experience re-growth the following spring if the seeds mature and drop. Oats or wheat can be broadcast over the beans in the fall for winter forage.

The burgundy bean is drought tolerant (grown to around a low of 10″ rainfall), heavy producing, and will withstand heavy grazing. Try Burgundy Beans in place of soybeans in a small plot where soybeans are devastated. The Burgundy Beans withstand foraging much better than soybeans.

Burgundy Beans need only light fertilization and will tolerate pH down to about 5.6. However, it will perform better with a little higher pH around 6.2-6.5. The seeds are pre-coated. We have included a little WGF Sorghum to provide structure for the beans and to help provide shade to conserve moisture. A TOP SELLER!

5 lbs – Plants 1 Acre – $82.95