Premium Deer-Elk Mineral Mix

Forage Tech Premium Deer/Elk Mineral Mix

A nutritional supplement containing major nutrients, minor nutrients and vitamins that contribute to the overall health of the herd as well as enlarged antler development in most habitats.

See Reverse For Use Instructions

Net Weight – 25 lbs


This mineral mix has been specifically formulated for deer and elk to provide mineral and vitamin supplements for bucks/bulls during antler development, does/cow elk during lactation and fawns/elk calf in early life as well as supply key minerals and vitamins that contribute to the overall health of the herd. Dry mixes provide more nutrients and vitamins than can be provided in a traditional salt block. However, it is more economical to provide nutrients to the herd through properly fertilized food crops than use this mineral mix as the primary source for minerals to your herd.

Price: $22.95

USE: Forage Tech does not recommend the continual placement of this product in a single location as this may lead to the spread of disease and increased predation. Apply this product by digging a small hole a little larger than the bag and pour the mix in the hole. It will work best with soils with moderate to heavy amounts of clay. Apply at the rate of 1 bag per 70-80 acres 3-4 times per year spread out from mid-January to early August. As an aid to conducting a rough census of your herd, our mineral mix can be combined with scattering corn on the ground in the area surrounding the mix and placing a game camera facing the area.

Warning – In some states this product is considered baiting if placed during the hunting season. Follow your state’s laws concerning baiting.