ForageTech Chufa Seed

ForageTech Chufa Seed

Turkeys Waterfowl

NetWeight – 10lbs or 40lbs

Chufa is an annual (will sometimes volunteer 2nd season but not best use of land in most situations) that turkey love and are sometimes foraged by deer. Chufa is also a great waterfowl planting. It is best grown in sandy soils or loamy soils where the tubers (think peanut) grow best. However, it will usually do well on soils where you plant corn. The tubers grow below the ground level and the turkeys will scratch for them. Our test fields have looked like they had just been plowed at times from the scratching of the turkeys. It is best to rotate chufa every two years. Chufa matures between 90 and 120 days. Plant after danger of frost. Check the status of your field in the fall about one to two weeks before the last planting time for oats or wheat in your area. If the tubers are about gone you may want to plant Forage Tech Fall/Winter/Spring mix or possibly forage oats and/or wheat.

10 lbs – Plants 1/4 Acre – $26.95

40 lbs – Plants 1 Acre – $84.95