ForageTech Perennial Alfalfa/Clover/Chicory Seed Mix

ForageTech Perennial Alfalfa/Clover/Chicory Seed Mix

Premium Mix Deer – Elk – Turkey

See planting instructions on reverse

Net Weight –12 lbs


This perennial mix is designed for well-drained sites in full sun. The mix is drought tolerant and consists of a specifically selected alfalfa that is highly palatable, premium forage clovers that are wildlife tested and a perennial forage chicory that attracts deer, elk, and turkey. Alfalfa is high in protein and is an all time favorite of deer and elk. This mix is the staff favorite on Forage Tech test plots. The mix needs a minimum 6.5 pH and works best at a pH closer to 7.0. All seeds are preinoculated. We suggest first planting 30 lbs of oats or wheat per acre as a cover crop just prior to planting the alfalfa/clover/chicory mix. With proper maintenance this perennial plot will last 3-5 years or longer. Try a 1/4 acre bag and you will come back for more.

3 lbs – Plants 1/4 acre – $34.95

6 lbs – Plants 1/2 acre – $59.95

12 lbs – Plants 1 acre – $109.95

Check the Learning Center for more information on planting and maintaining perennial wildlife food plots.