ForageTech Premium Fall/Winter/Spring Seed Mix

Forage Tech Premium Fall/Winter/Spring Annual Wildlife Food Plot Seed Mix


Serves as:

  • Kill Plot -Fall Forage
  • Late Winter/Spring Nourishment

For Deer, Elk, & Turkey

Net Weight – 52 lbs

This mixture is designed to provide food and attract deer, elk and turkeys from just after planting in the fall until late spring of the following year. Large seeds include winter peas and oats. These generally germinate quickly providing forage usually within 7-10 days after planting and attracting game to the food plot for early bow seasons. A mixture of forage brassicas is included and provides excellent forage after the first solid frost or two. The clovers are slower to develop but start coming on in December. Two different maturing varieties of winter annual clovers are included and will come on in late winter and early spring and sustain the wildlife until spring planting. The small seeds (brassicas and clovers) are placed in a small bag and this small bag is dropped inside of a larger bag holding the peas and oats. The added component of clover not only supplies late winter and spring nournishment for deer and elk but will also draw turkeys. This is our best seller.

26 lbs plants 1/2 acre – $41.95

52 lbs plants 1 acre – $79.95

ForageTech Basic Fall/Winter/Spring Annual Seed Mix

Brassicas have been eliminated in this mix for two reasons. Primarily, a product is needed to use in rotation with brassicas. Brassicas generally need to be rotated after two years in one location. This means you can plant brassicas for two years in the same field but the 3rd year something without brassicas is needed in that particular field. You can go back to planting brassicas during the 4th growing seaon. Secondarily, this mix is a little more economical. The 1/4 acre bag is a great choice for a shooting field. Mix includes forage oats, forage wheat, winter oats, and winter clover.

13 lbs – Plants 1/4 acre – $24.95

52 lbs – Plants 1 acre – $69.95

Check the Learning Center for information on planting 2 general sizes of seeds