ForageTech Spring/Summer Annual Seed Mix

Forage Tech Premium Annual Spring/Summer Wildlife Food Plot Seed Mix


  • Burgundy Beans
  • Lab Lab
  • Summer Peas
  • WGF Grain Sorghum
  • Perodovik Sunflower

Net Weight – 30 lbs


Forage Tech will put this mix up against any summer annual food plot mix available (within the proper growing zone). This mixture produces a large tonnage of forage with deer/elk bedding right in the mix and eating from their beds. The mix contains a small amount (20%) of taller plants to provide shading as well as structure for the peas and beans to climb. This shading from the taller plants assists in the reduction of weeds. The mixture features forage soybeans which are deer/elk magnets as well as summer peas and lab lab. The prime forage from this mix is high in protein and contributes to large racks, healthy fawns, and well nournished does. All seeds are preinoculated as needed. This food plot will last until late summer when fall annuals or perennnial mixes can be planted. Try one bag and compare to anything else you use. Just be sure to put up an exclusion cage during the comparison. Customers report new bucks showing up on their property in these food plots all through the summer as seen on their trail cameras. These are deer never seen before on the property in person or by camera.

15 lbs – Plants 1/2 acre – $44.95

30 lbs – Plants 1 acre – $76.95

7.5 lbs Plants 1/4 acre – $24.95