Role of Minerals, Protein and Vitamins

Minerals and vitamins play large roles in deer nutrition. Some minerals and vitamins are needed in larger quantities than others. Some nutrients such as salt (sodium) or still somewhat of a mystery to researchers. Excessive salt has shown to be negative to deer health somewhat kin to humans. It is hard to determine if deer take salt because they need it or it tastes good. Does take salt more often than bucks. High levels of salt probably cause deer to take more water than normal. This begs the question, if they fill up on water what are they missing? Therefore, we have less salt in our mineral mix than most suppliers. Salt does leach out of the mineral mix into the soil first. A clay soil will slow this as compared to a sandy soil. The sodium may leach out of the mix into the soil in as little as 3 weeks. Therefore, we recommend freshening up a mineral lick spot with a small amount of our mineral mix every 3-4 weeks. We spray the soles of our boots with no-scent spray when placing or freshening a mineral lick. We pour the material in the lick area without touching it. When freshening we pick up a stick and stir the small amount of additional material into the mix and then throw the stick out in the woods after we walk off a short distance. Our only filler is cracked corn which provides a great attracting aroma for the deer.

Nutrients Role and Source Sodium – As discussed above – available in natural salt licks, native browse and in Forage Tech Mineral mix.

Phosphorous: Critical in antler development, lactation, gestation, general metabolism. Available in native forage, middle number in fertilizer in proper ratio for antler development and in the Forage Tech Mineral Mix.

Potassium: Key electrolyte, aids in protein processing, balance of blood pressure, a small component of antlers. Avialable in native forage in low amounts, 3rd number in fertilizer, small amount in Forage Tech Mineral Mix

Nitrogen: When processed in digestive system satisfies some of protein requirements. First number in fertilizer, clovers, alfalfa and beans are high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is key for the green growth of crops.

Magnesium: Bone and antler development, enzyme activity in digestion, Available from agricultural groung limestone (not pellet lime) which is the filler in our food plot fertilizer. Available through plants especially where limed and in small amount in Forage Tech Mineral Mix.

Calcium: Highest component of deer and elk antlers, important in milk production, bone and antler growth and general metabolism. Available from lime, our food plot fertilizer has lime as the filler, 16% of the Forage Tech Mineral Mix.
Sulfur: Aid in tendon & cartilage development. Available in small quantity in Mineral Mix and Forage Tech Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer therefore is avialable through the plantings in a food plot fertilized with sulfur.

Protein: 45% of antler, blood quality, lactation. Available in low levels in corn and acorns. Available in high levels in quality wildlife food plots.
Iron: Important for blood and organs. Available from native forage especially in wooded areas. Small quatities in Forage Tech Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer and Mineral Mix.
Mangenese: Aids in bone and antler development and in digestion. Available in Forage Tech Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer and Mineral Mix.

Zinc: Assists in new cell development. Needed by corn and when supplied to the corn is avialable in low levels to wildlife. Small amount of zinc is supplied by Forage Tech Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer and Mineral Mix.

Copper: Improves immune stystems. Avilable in small quantity in Forage Tech Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer and Mineral Mix.

Selenium: Role in reproduction. Avialalble in low level in Forage Tech Mineral Mix.

Vitamin A: Important for bone development, lactation, and reproduction. Available in our Mineral Mix.

Vitamin D-3: Plays a key role in absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous in healthy bones. Available in our Mineral Mix.

Vitamin E: Healing of wounds and quality of hair coat. Available in our Mineral Mix.

Cobalt, Chromium, Cobalt, Iodine, Molybdenum: Minor importance availble in very small quantities in Forage Tech Mineral Mix.

Picture Note: Does on the mineral mix in late summer. Notice the healthy coat on these deer.