Premium Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer

Forage Tech Premium Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer


After Soil Testing Use For:

  • Wildlife Food Plots
  • Fruit Trees and Native Vegetation
  • Gardens

Net Weight – 50 lbs (22.6 kg)

This fertilizer was developed specifically for wildlife food plots. Standard fertilizers bags have 3 numbers representing the amount of nitrogen, phosphate (phosphorous) and potash (potassium) in each bag. There are 6 major nutrients and several minor nutrients that are important either for the plants commonly used in food plots or for deer nutrition or both. This fertilizer was scientifically developed to supply the nutrients for both the plants and the wildlife. Examples of the use of minor nutrients from this fertilizer mix:

  • Zinc for corn
  • Moly-B for soybeans
  • Boron for alfalfa
  • Selenium for deer nutrition (Trace amounts only)

$21.95 – 50 lb bag

Forage Tech also sells standard fertilizers that are needed for certain crops and soil tests.

6-12-12 – $10.50 for 50 lb bag – A general purpose fertilizer with a little nitrogen added to P & K

0-45-0 or 0-46-0 – $16.95 for 50 lb bag – Phoshorous (P) fertilizer

0-0-60 – $10.25 for 50 lb bag – Potash or (K) fertilizer

34-0-0 or 33-0-0 – $11.95 for 50lb bag – Nitrogen fertilizer especially needed to topdress corn